Fairpay is a monetary toolkit.

Focused on building a new postcapitalist economy to facilitate the connection between Faircoin and cash in the world.

Fairpay Card

The card will be charged with Faircoin, but nor the user neither the merchant will notice it, because the entire process is very user-friendly. The merchants even have the possibility of changing these Faircoin into euros if necessary. It is as easy to use as a bank account and much cheaper than the conventional intermediaries.  The way to identify the card's user is through a small sticker on it.
This sticker contains a unique id which communicates with the Fairpay App. If you wish to receive payments from digital wallets, you can add a QR with your Faircoin address.  

Fairpay Panel

This panel includes several tools. From it, you can buy Faircoin and charge them in your virtual wallet. You can do it in different ways, mainly through de POE (Point of exchanges), a bank transfer or bitcoin. You can also make and receive online payments in Faircoin and, of course, charge your Fairpay card.

Android App

Its main function is to receive physical payments with the Fairpay card, but it has another functions. It can also be used to receive payments from digital wallets. And can be used to register new users and activate new cards. It can also be configured as a small mobile shop, cos it allows you to choose your cathegories and products, making the proceedure to receive payments faster and more intuitive.

Fairpay POS

Linked to the Android App and the Fairpay web panel, allows the individuals and shops which use Fairpay for accepting payments, to configure the way they want to receive these payments. For instance, they may decide to keep all the Faircoin they receive, or to keep only a due percentage and convert the rest to euros. It also integrates different cashout options, like: transferences,

Fairpay POS
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How can a consumer participate in Fairpay

Ans: The first thing is to acquire a card.  You can get one simply by ordering it at Fairmarket and charging it with, at least, 50 euros this first time. This way, You will receive it at home with the amount charged and no shipping costs. But, if you request a card in a region with a Faircoop local node, the minimum account for this first charging is reduced to only 20 euros.

How can a shop participate in Fairpay

Ans:Shops can participate by accepting Fairpay, or also acting as points to distribute cards and charging them with their App. In case one shop is allowed by Fairpay to distribute and charge cards, this will be based in a decission supported by the local node in that region. In order to make payments, the shop will need to have a smartphone or a POS system, both with NFC. Most of modern devices incorporate this technology. And, soon, we will also facilitate an external device that can be added to those smarphones that still don't have it.

Compatible with

NFC compatibility for Fairpay cards, helps to eliminate large companies that pocket billions by drowning with expensive FEE our small merchants.

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Anyone can join independently of their legal status. You dont need to have a bank account.


The criptocurrency technology of faircoin, guarantee the privacy of your accounts and transactions.

Payments without fees

No fees system, when use fairpay and keep in faircoin.

Safe and Easy

The strongest thechnologies at the service of the people who more deserves it. you do fair economy, we ensure that all will go fine with your money.

Accept Fairpay and convert easily to FIAT

If you have a shop, Fairpay and Faircoop provides to you easy exchange to traditional currencies which are connected to fairpay network

A fair digital currency

Faircoin is developed for build a fair economic system which fight inequalities. The open cooperative movement, guarantee faircoin to be stable for using in your daily life.

why it is best

Our offline card guaranties your collaboration with a fair millestone. Have a Fair economy, and allows to all world to enjoy the fairpay advantages.
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how it works

You only need to get your faircoin card in your the most near fairpay shop.

APP Screenshots

Our awesome app screenshot gallery here.

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